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Original ideas for New Year’s Eve makeup from the celebrities

Already at the beginning of December, the spirits rise in anticipation of the Christmas holidays. Each year, we frantically look for an outfit, come up with a new hairstyle and wonder what makeup to were at the festive night that will leave behind the old year and welcome the new one. There’s probably no need to tell you that the makeup for the holiday party should be bright, dramatic and glamorous - just like ourselves! Today, we’ll show you a few ideas, inspired by some Hollywood beauties, which are effective and easy to do at home.

Traditional smokey eye

Smoky makeup is favorite of many women, because it really does look amazing, and it could be achieved with different colors. Kim Kardashian is one of its most loyal fans. You are wondering how to achieve it? Very easy!

Begin by applying lighter shades that will turn your eyelids into a "canvas". If you do not feel confident enough handling the darker shades, you can use two types of eye-liner - a dark gray (soft) and a black one (heavier). Apply a medium thick line with the gray eye-liner above the lashes. Use a soft brush for shades to “smoke” the eyes. When you are finished, apply a very small amount of the black eye-liner on the outer corner of the eye and repeat the exercise. Do the same with the lower lash line, being careful with the thickness of the eye-liner. Apply a very small amount of white shades on the inner eye corner for more brilliance. Add mascara and - voila!

Femme fatale maquillage

This makeup looks incredible on brunettes with light skin. Demi Lovato is the living proof of that. The "vamp" maquillage combines smokey eyes and dark lips - two taboo elements that almost never go together. But with more finesse and a precision hand, you can look hellishly daring and spectacular on New Year's Eve.

To achieve the smokey eye of Demi Lovato, use the steps from the above mentioned makeup, but without the gray eye-liner. A thin line of black soft eye-liner, applied close to the lashes and then "blended" carefully, is sufficient. As for the lips, you've probably already noticed that there are two colors. Contrary to popular opinion, this striking "ombre" effect is not achieved with lip-liner and lipstick. All you need is two shades of matte lipstick, which to apply with precision with the help of a little brush.

A dose of eccentricity on the eyelashes

There’s not a single woman who doesn’t wants long, curved, expressive eyelashes. If you are going to try something different from the usual shades and lipsticks, maybe you should consider jewelry for lashes. With them you will look unique and bold, without affecting your overall appearance. Katy Perry has wonderfully complemented the small colored pebbles with simple makeup in the nude range.

Spectacular golden hues

This makeup with retro flavor is designed for ladies with copper or reddish shades in their hairs, for blondes and, of course, for redheaded temptress like Jessica Chastain.

First, apply makeup base all over the eyelid, because all glamorous shades have the unpleasant habit to crumble after a few hours. Then cover the area above the crease of the upper eyelid with brown pearl shades. Apply them in the form of an arc and gently shade the contrast of the line with an applicator or a brush. Cover the area below the highest part of the brows with white or pale cream-colored shades. Then, boldly apply golden shades on the whole eyelid. The outer eye corner can be emphasized with a bit of gold glitter.

The beautiful and noticeable makeup will definitely lift your spirits in the festive evening. It will provide wonderful memories, too, in the form of photos. Keep in mind, however, that it is extremely important to clean your skin at the end of the night with the appropriate cosmetic products, in order to keep its vitality and beauty for longer.

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