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Trends in hairstyles Spring / Summer 2015

 There is hardly a woman who manages to maintain a perfect hairstyle during the winter, when warm hats and large woolen scarves are worshiped. And although the cold season is able to thwart all plans for a stylish hairstyle, spring is already knocking on our doors to make up for it. That’s why, today we present the spring trends in women's hairstyles that became absolute leaders for the new season.

1. Lob

You probably remember how fashionable it was to shape your hair in a "bob", a few seasons ago. Well, fashion critics decided to diversify its standard form with the help of its cousin - the "lob", which differs from its predecessor with more length and plasticity. Selena Gomez and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are some of the celebrities who have opted for this fresh trend.

2. Soft locks

We can finally relax, the famous gradating ombre has left the catwalks forever. Its worthy successor is the delicate locks that surround the face with softness. The technique is called "Babylights" and it is a perfect option for women who do not want to change the color of their hair, but only to inspire it with new life for the coming spring. Miranda Kerr was quick to freshen up her looks for the spring with delicate golden locks, in unison with the new trend.

3. Boyishly short

It does not seem at all that Miley Cyrus’ hairstyle, which drew the attention already last year, is soon coming out of the spotlight. On the contrary, more and more celebrities opt for this rock style, one of them being Scarlett Johansson.

4. Dark, even darker...

Dark mane seems to be extremely tempting for both Emma Watson and Mila Kunis. Whether you chose the densest ebony shade or the soft warmth of cappuccino, brunettes will definitely be held in high respect in the spring and in the summer. If you are not lucky enough to have the up-to-date shade, you can choose your new one here.

5. Drastic change

Naturally, ones in a while, we all need to do something crazy, it just feels good! Apparently, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry are in this type of mood exactly...


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