Aroma Hot Body Slim

The innovative series HOT BODY SLIM offer firming and anti-cellulite products sculpting harmonious female body. HOT BODY SLIM anti-cellulite products attack the stubborn cellulite around the waist, hips and thighs. Firming products help remove stretch marks and lift the breast.

HOT BODY SLIM contains a unique anti-cellulite ingredient - Pink Pepperslim ™. By using Pink Pepperslim ™ a reduction of body circumference could be achieved by up to 2 cm. Pink Pepperslim ™ is an innovative ingredient that breaks down fats and is proven to be 8 times more effective than caffeine. It eliminates existing cellulite and prevents the formation of new fat deposits .

Other innovative active ingredients:

  • Biobustyl ™ is a biotechnological extract rich in growth factor and fragments of collagen and elastin. The result of its action e instant and lasting lifting effect, tightening and lifting the bust .
  • Camaderm ™ Eco-certified active ingredient is derived from Bilberry fruit. It has the proven capacity to increase skin elasticity.

Additional efficiency to the products is brought by the contents of caffeine, L-carnitine, horse chestnut extract, coenzyme Q10. These active ingredients help break up fat deposits, smooth and tighten the skin. Lactic acid, glycerin, shea butter and avocado have a softening to the skin.

HOT BODY SLIM products are with soft and gentle formula, with an abundance of natural active ingredients. Products do NOT contain parabens .

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